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There are many resources on the internet where you can find out about the gambling laws in America.

Useful books on gambling in the USA

Here are some books that may be of interest to anyone wondering about the gambling laws in America.

Thinking in Bets

Written by Annie Duke

Written by a former World Series of Poker champion, Annie Duke is now a well-respected business consultant. She draws her inspiration for this book from business, poker, politics and sports.

Annie Duke, as a former poker player, believes that in a game of poker a bad decision does not necessarily always yield a bad outcome. As such embracing one’s uncertainty can, in the long run, make for better decisions.

As we live in a world where being absolutely certain and completely confident is highly valued, most will not show any vulnerability.

Instead of making a bad decision because a person would not say “I am uncertain” rather say “This needs more investigation”. Thus turning one’s uncertainty into a goal for a more accurate assessment of what you may or may not know.

The outcome is that a person is less likely to make “destructive decisions” in both their business and personal lives.

Gambling in America: An Encyclopedia of History, Issues and Society

Written by William Thompson

This is the book for anyone interested in the history of gambling in the Americas. It is a one-volume reference book that has the most comprehensive detailing of the gaming industry in the United States.

The book covers topics about the rise of gambling in the US, the morality, economic impact on the country and the industry’s market growth. You will find a detailed chronological list of events from the gambling laws to the legalization of online gaming.

It covers the various organizations that deals with gambling operations. Included are profiles of prominent figures in the industry as well as documents from well-known court cases.

Gangsters to Governors: The New Bosses for Gambling

Written by David Clary

In this book, David Clary looks at how most states that now have legal gambling are dealing with the industry. In modern America one of the only states where gambling was legalized was Nevada.

The only legal form of gambling came from lotteries, even then there were not many places that allowed it.

Except for Utah and Hawaii, nearly every state in America now has a form of legalized gambling. Historically gambling was known to be run by mobs lead by bosses such as John Morrissey.

Gangsters to Governors looks at the shift of power in this industry which is now ruled by the Governors of the state. It als addresses the well-known debate over the legalizing of sports betting and gambling in America.

Three great books for anyone interested in the gambling industry in America to read.